Dvarw MTL FL 24 3,5ml

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The Dvarw MTL received a massive update, FL stands for facelift. An update from the 510 to the drip tip. Still it will vape like a Dvarw.

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The Dvarw MTL FL 24 is a 24mm diameter rebuildable atomizer for advanced vapers. What’s new:

1. Mech safe 510 insulator

2. Shorter than V1

3. PEEK chimney

4. Offset posts

5. Improved coil leg clamps. Ridge on the edge.

6. 22mm glass tank section (available separately)

7. Largest optional airhole is 2x2mm (=2,83mm) (available separately)

8. Easier bottom fill (fewer turns of the tank section)

9. Viton o-rings

10. 22mm and 24mm MTL

11. Fixed position chimney

12. Engraved AFC inserts (1×1,2mm is stock and comes with a deck)

13. Online authenticity check

14. Shorter chimney, smaller chamber

15. Airflow is optimized

In the package you will find: Dvarw MTL FL 24 deck with PEEK chimney, chimney cap, 3,5ml glass tank section, 1×1,2mm air insert, hex key, PTFE white drip tip and spares bag. 

Please pay attention to:

  • the key symbol on the PEEK chimney has to be lined up with the fat PEEK insulator on the coil post
  • the deck has 2 parts, these 2 parts are manufactured together. So if you have more than one and disassemble them to clean and mix the parts they may not fit 100% perfectly, so serial is also engraved in the top part of the deck as well

Compatibility: only pc and ultem tubes of the V1 version are compatible with the FL. The FL has new tank sections, new AFC inserts.


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